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A Family Reunion

I’m on my way to NY. Not NYC, but the real NY, upstate NY. You can’t walk 10 ft. in the area without finding an historical marker telling you about a battle, event, or person that was significant in the formation of this nation. You may not think about it much as a kid, but […]

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All hail the new Mac Mini.

I have been on a bit of an Apple kick lately.  I have had iPods for years, and a couple years ago I jumped to the iPhone.  I have had a Mac Mini that I use at work for a couple years too.  I am fairly agnostic when it comes to platforms and Operating Systems.  […]

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So what’s new with you?

Around here I am up to my neck-erchief in Scout “stuff”.  I am definately over my 1 hour per week quota.  Even if you average out the couple of weeks that I have not done anything related to Scouts.  But honestly – I would not trade the time spent with my sons for anything.  This time […]

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GE Profile Microwave Repair

In went the cup of water for tea and pop went the fuse.  So I replaced it.  But then it popped again.  A pattern was emerging.  It seemed to me, and my wife, that it only happened when opening or closing the microwave door.  Since this was a built-in with a rather expensive trim kit […]

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Mostly dead means somewhat alive.

Turns out this blog, and My weather station were only mostly dead.  So here I post… My weather station is back online.  About a week ago, a friend of our neighbor was over and he just happened to be one of the senior meteorologists for the NWS in the Bay Area.  Speaking with him was […]

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Hello world!

Welcome to Solar Bugs.  This site actually began back in 1999 with a project to install solar panels on my home.  The site has changed many times since then.  It has been through numerous server crashes and hosting company changes.  Maybe someday I will put Humpty Dumpty back together again.  But these days most my […]

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